Our Journey 2006 …


 “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”. 

---Dolly Parton---

Fourteen years on, after many rainy days, my journey with Intrigue is still worth every step!  

The idea for the business started germinating in my head after I resigned from a repping position, where I did my best to sell products to hard-boiled property developers. A couple approached me with an idea for a franchise in the world of fashion. They had been in fashion retail for many years, and they were looking to expand. Being young, naïve and full of new energy, I decided to give it a go. After all, with the experience of the franchisor, I could learn on the job…or so I thought. 

Southdowns was still in planning stages, and very shortly, one fundamental fact confirmed itself: to run a business, one needs customers. But, I also discovered that I loved fashion for how it made women feel good about themselves.   

My beautiful sister joined me as I decided to part ways with the franchise. I felt that the franchise limited my choices of designs and I really wanted to offer our customer a broader variety. A blend of international and local designs was what our customers were requesting.

Intrigue’s approach ever since the beginning has been that a women’s choice is at the heart of every decision, and we believe in treating women well.

We want our customers to wear our clothes and feel stylish, trendy and comfortable…no matter what your age, shape or background is. We offer easy to wear, effortless fashion styles with an eclectic mix of unique accessories.

Our Imported and Local collections are updated monthly in small quantities, which we constantly refresh. We change our ensembles weekly to show you new and exciting ways to wear our outfits. I want to make sure that every time you visit us, you leave as excited as we are to have you with us.

We want to bring you nostalgia, beauty and elegance that compliments your female spirit.

Thank you for being one of these women.